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    I think you're doing the right thing in discussing this with the BoE. They were very helpful to me. Before you go, take a look at BoE publication 52 (link above) - it's not full of legalese and explains quite clearly what criteria you need to fulfil in order to apply for use tax exemption. I don't recall reading about any mileage limit, but there is a clear requirement that you use the vehicle for >90 days prior to importation into CA...

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    We'll I was finally able to get a sit down meeting at the board of equalization. They were very friendly and much more receptive as a whole than most agencys.

    I was approved a sales tax exempt for my Volvo (I do not have to pay sales tax). After sitting down with them and reading their brochure/information guide which was quite easy to read and to understand.

    I determined that it is not a gray area or a sneaky thing to do in getting a CA sales tax exempt for OSD Volvo deal. They clearly state that if the car was used outside the state longer than 90+ days and was used other than the purpose of soley being used in CA then you are pretty much are exempt. You do have to prove that you did use the car in Europe prior to arriving to CA. However, the 90+ days needs to be actual useage outside of CA. It can not include having the car stored from who you purchased it from or by the shipper. It can also not include the time of being shipped. So in total, in can be a long time before your car can enter CA and be sales tax free!

    For me it would be worth spending the extra time (job allowing) travelling in Europe than paying for the sales tax. What chance given to save money to stay and roam Europe.

    I showed him the paper work, he reviewed it and granted the exempt. It was easy as that but it was at 4:45 PM on a Friday and everybody in the office looked like they were leaving early. So who knows, but I do have to admit that he did allow with my case the time of shipping to be included in the 90+ days to allow tax free status. I ask him about it but he didn't seem to care. Lets just say when I left and got into the elevator I screamed of joy as loud as I could because I truly felt that I got lucky in my case. A savings of $3,300.

    I had to prove the car was in Europe and that I did use it. He wanted to see gas receipts which I didn't have but got lucky and remembered that I did upload photo's of the trip on to this website. I asked him if I could get access to the internet and I showed him some of the pics with my car in front of a castle and clearly a village older than USA itself with the car in the fore-ground. My license plates were clearly visable and was enough proof for him.

    So thank you to everyone who helped me and thank you for the ones who manage this website. It's a great site and a very useful tool.

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