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    I'm curious to know what the various dealerships have in the way of an OSD booth that displays and describes the program.

    At my dealership "Sandberg Northwest Volvo" in Lynnwood, WA, USA there a smallish and certainly not hidden from view, OSD stand that has the OSD bulleted highlights with brochures and a very nice photo book of the FDC and its staff people laying on a side table. It has a largish board alongside it showing the OSD savings for all the Volvo models so one can quickly see the savings per model. The big flashy statement that catches ones eye is "Save 10% with OSD". If I can remember I'll take a pic of it and post it here later.

    Close by the OSD stand is a giant world map that shows the Volvo Ocean Racer course.

    Both the OSD stand and the Volvo Ocean Racer map are paased when entering the showroom to goto the service desk
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    In my experience, I have not noticed anything about the OSD program in any of our dealerships in S. Cal. In fact some of the salesmen did not know what the program was.

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    Not too much here either. An inquiry into one dealership resulted in an answer advising me to go somewhere else. I must say that, in general, the customers know more about the program than the dealer in a lot of cases. That being said, a lot of customers know nothing about the program. Probably safe to say that my dealer's understanding of OSD has been raised recently.

    Advice for SF Bay Area:

    If you are in Northern California, Fairfield Volvo and Smother's Volvo should be your two safe bet OSD stops.  Marin Volvo has good service and smailes as well. Smother's is an excellent dealership in almost all respects. Their young knowledgeable sales manager John White is one of the nicest guy's you'll meet. Fairfield Volvo has an excellent OSD office though... William moved over from Marin Volvo- which used to be the OSD leader in the Bay Area. His website: is useful introduction as an official source. William is on the forum here ocassionally.

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    Surprisely 128Volvo in the boston area ran an ad in the Boston Globe with XC70 prices through the OSD program.  I figure they were trying to do the bait and switch once you realize you will be driving your car home in 4 months.

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