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    We are planning to drive from Gothenburg to Copenhagen and it looks like we have two options in getting to Copenhagen. One is to cross the bridge from Malmo to Copenhagen and the other is to use a ferry from Helsingborg, Sweden to Helsingor, Denmark then drive to Copenhagen.

    Has anyone driven the bridge that connects Malmo and Copenhagen? I understand this is one of the world’s longest bridges and I’m wondering if anyone has been across it and is the bridge just a boring drive?

    Which way is more scenic?

    It appears the travel time going either route is about the same. Your suggestions are appreciated.

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    You might reading Richard Blaine's writeup at Sweden to Copenhagen which has a paragraph on the suspension bridge route. He says it was scenic but the toll was pretty hefty!

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    I used the bridge the 1st week it was opened but I went by
    train--do not know about the bridge fare but Malmo was lovely.
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    The two are basically the same price ~$30US.  The bridge is defintely a unique experience if you are interested in the technological side of it.  The ferry offers a different perspective and lovely harbour views.  Take one each way.
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    IMO it is a win-win choice.  the day we crossed the bridge it was bright, sunshine, clear, etc. so we were able to stop and see everything.  the windmills are especially interesting to those of us interested in technology.  as i reflect on our experience, i think i would do the bridge again as it is the longer initial drive, gives you a chance to really feel out the car, buy gas for the first time, etc.  another option is to get on the ferry in gothenborg and go to fredrickshavn, then drive to kobenhavn.  we returned to gothenborg this way, and it was GREAT!!!!  again, we had a good weather day.

    hope this is helpful

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