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    The message center indicated a bulb failure and position light. I took a look around the car and noticed that the left rear parking light was out. This is the upper bulb in the lower lens cover on the left quarter panel. Looked in the Volvo booklet, page 114 and the rear cover, and the bulb is indentified as a 5W BA 15s or a US #67. Picked up a #67 today, went out to the car to replace the bulb, pulled out the bulb per instructions in the booklet and found out the bulb is not a #67. It is a 21W/4W bulb. So is the booklet wrong or is car a little different than most?

    Sorry, somehow this got posted in the wrong forum. Can the administrator move this to the 2001 xc.

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    sorry, can't help ya.. I've had the dealer do all my bulb replacements on warranty.
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