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    After almost one month of test drives, study, and discussions/interaction through message boards ( and swedespeed), we have finally decided on ordering an XC70.  The decision to order a Volvo was easy, the decision as to which one (XC70, XC90, or V70R) was hard.  We like the ride and handling of the wagons and are SUVed out after having had a Range Rover and MB ML430.  Our old bods prefer the softer ride of the wagons.

    I really have gained a lot and greatly appreciated the content of this message board (particular thanks to Barry, Spud and others) who have hit on topics of great interest to me - DSTC, Headlights(Bi-xenon vs Halogen), Load leveling system and Navigator.

    So, here's our XC70 configuration:

    •  Crystal green with taupe interior (my wife picked the colors- it will look great&#33
    •  Premium package - moonroof (Preference - We don't like the noise and maintenance issues of a moonroof)
    •  Touring package
    •  DSTC - wouldn't be without it!
    •  Park assist
    •  Load leveling system (I have been told this can only be ordered with OSD system)
    •  Maxi Audio - Prologic system with 9 speakers and 6 disc-CD player.
    •  Halogen headlights (maybe our next Volvo will have Bi-Xenons)
    •  No built-in Navigator - we are firm believers in having one, but have opted for the Garmin 2610.  It is excellent.  Now we just need to find some way to gain access to a map of Sweden and perhaps Oslo for use during our OSD visit.  I may try to find some way to digitize a detailed map of selected areas and try down-loading it into the Garmin.  The discussion on this board about navigators confirmed out earlier decision to go the Garmin route.
    •  Wooden steering wheel (my "splurge!&quot
    •  12 Volt outlet in the cargo area
    •  I have also requested that the car be "tired" with Michelins - don't know if that will happen, but have noticed that some of the OSD cars are so equipped.
    •  We'll add mud flaps, trailer hitch and other stuff when we get the car home to Oregon.

    We are scheduled for delivery on Friday March 12.  We'll take the winter travel package and go through London.  I expect we will spend a few days traveling around Sweden perhaps even getting to Oslo.  Maybe some XC skiing?

    '04 XC70 March OSD-Crystal Green/Taupe, Premium, Touring, DSTC, Load Levelers, Auto-dim Mirrors, HU803, Wood Steering.

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    Great choice!! Love the color.
    2004 XC70 - Metallic Crystal Green/Touring/Versatility/Nav

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    Sounds nice! Enjoy your trip!

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    The waiting for a new car (for me) is the best bit !

    No door dings
    No dirt
    No depreciation

    Just that shiny new car in my mind !

    Sounds like a nice choice, drop me a line if you want any help on your London leg of the tour or if your driving into the UK I live about 10 mins from Dover/Folkestone (if your coming in from France).

    Either way - ENJOY


    Nic Wood
    Kent, England

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    Hi OR Gramps,
    I am jealous of your OSD... ours went by so fast. Have a lovely time and be sure and check out the OSD forum section, lots of good tips there.
    Have fun, and be prepared for being treated like royality. Be mindful of the jet lag as you may want to take a couple days to recouperate before the big day, or do the tour etc on your way home if you are going to drop off there.
    I wish I could buy a new OSD car every year !
    '04 Ruby, sand, prem pkg, tour pkg, xenon, DST, xenia wheels, OSD

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