Hey folks! I'm new to this group. I'm also new to Volvo. I should have got one years ago tho. I picked up an 03 xc70 with about 120k and pretty clean too, for a steal of $750. Got the sweet deal from my boss. He hated my 95 civic ****box that much I guess. Haha.

Anyhow, I absolutely love love love my xc70. It's my new favorite vehicle. I've been a nissan fan for years and was super into the p10 Infiniti G20 for most my automotive life. I enjoy modifying cars, I just can't be content to be "normal."

That being said, as per my own actions I'm forced to wait a few years before I can start modding my wagon. Long story short, I waisted all my money on two **** box Honda's this past year so my woman is pissed. I like it when she is happy. Thus promises were made.

Aside from some standard maintenance stuff the Volvo is solid as can be. So at this time I have a lot of research, and questions to ask. I have an idea of what my long term goal with my wagon is. I want to adventure wagon it out.

Things I currently desire.
*Larger all terrain rubber. (I do plan on taking this vehicle some light off road, back country camping, ice fishing, etc)
*Lift (Some of the lakes I like to fish at get choppy huge ice humps at the launch. I want to clear them with no worries. I saw a forester bottom out hard on one last season, this will not do, not at all.)

I have time to save and stockpile parts to do these mods proper, and even get the good stuff. I have some leads of what I'm gonna do and planning to get but have some questions about spicifics pertaining to these mods and also finding proper parts to support the mods I'm interested in seems kind of a quest. I'm used to this as many mods for g20's are either no longer available or non existent. So I'm no stranger to making stuff work/fabrication. Haha.

I hope this community is alive and well, and not cancer like the honda and g20 forums these days.