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    Default Dead Transmission? 2001 XC70

    So, I've posted previously about the transmission fluid I put in my Volvo.'ve since tried draining out excess fluid, removing about a quart and a half, and putting back in a quart minus ~300ml.

    Having done so, the vehicle still won't go into reverse, and will only go forward slightly with great effort. Looking at the dip stick, I believe I'm seeing fluid at the middle of the cold marks, consistent with an idling engine after 30-45 min while I was slowly adding fluid. But it really is difficult to get an accurate read with all the contortions to remove the dip stick.

    Does this behavior sound like a transmission that's now short on fluid and I need to add more, or does this sound like a transmission that's just done?

    Thanks for all the input!

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    I would suspect the shift solenoids might have a problem, connections or failure. your PO740 indicates a torque converter clutch circuit malfunction, a faulty shift solenoid or wiring connection. the SLU linear solenoid if not working could cause your loss of drive symptoms. check main wiring harness connections to the transmission first.
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