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    Question Issues with Bad Swede Lift Kit?

    I recently installed the bad Swede lift kit onto my 2004 XC70 and I went to get it installed at American Tire Depot because they were putting on new tires as well. It took them some time and struggle and they said I would need to get an after market sway bar as it was not attaching properly with the lift. I never heard anything about people having issues with the sway bars not mounting properly. Has anyone had this issue. I also left there with my ABS light on, I plan on talking to them to see whatís going on but didnít have time when I was there, (took about 6 hours). Also do new shocks usually sound a bit weird because of stiffness? Iím new to this sorry.

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    Yeah, I can see that. Keep in mind that the OEM bars are vulcanized to the mounting bushes so that if you sit static at anything other than stock ride height you are putting a twisting stress into the rubber bushes, effectively a slight spring rate. That maybe what your installers were talking about. I had problems eventually with both the front and rear bars on my '02 which was lowered over an inch on Eibach springs. The fix in that case was to replace those stock rubber bushes with a set of polys (I used Energy Suspensions universal bushes of the right size). Another option would be to build yourself some custom endlinks of the right length so that you can have the bars sit at their OEM positions.


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    I just installed a set of Bad Swede springs on my 2002 V70XC. As far as the ABS light goes, that should not happen if everything is done right. It's possible they used a pry bar to get the axles out of the front steering knuckles and could have damaged or moved the reluctor ring on the drive shaft. Or possible a sensor was not reinstalled correctly into the knuckle if they were removed. I'd remove the wheels and get underneath and give a close inspection to the sensors in the knuckles and reluctor rings on the driveshafts and see if anything is amiss.

    Mine's a 2002. Could be slightly different, but I did have to lever down the front sway bar to get the links in place. This was with the front end in the air and the wheels removed. I don't know how the front links sit with the weight on the front end. I haven't tried to remove them at all since getting the springs in. I did not detach the rear sway bar links when installing the rear springs, so no comment.

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