I have a 2006 Volvo XC90, with the 2.5 L turbo engine. I just replaced the battery which had been getting progressively weaker over several months, and after I do that the car wonít start. I get a message saying ďStart Prevented. Try Again.Ē. All the electrics work just fine with the key in position 2, the radio, air, moon roof, locks, and everything else work normally, but the engine wonít start. It wonít click at all, just nothing and the message. The starter motor is fine as far as I know, my only previous issues have been the battery itself. Iíve researched online, and hereís what Iíve tried with no success:
Locking and unlocking 5 times in a row
Locking the car and unlocking with the physical key in the driver door
Putting back the old battery, which is almost dead, and then used a portable jumper, did not work, kept getting the same ďStart Prevented, Try Again.Ē
Tried using the other electronic key, same thing. I do not have the valet key
I live in Duluth, MN where itís been getting cold, and am 150 miles from the nearest Volvo dealership. There is a shop that specializes in European cars nearby, I will have it towed there if I cannot figure it out myself. I would really like to save the money though. Iím open to anything, thank you in advanced for any suggestions or advice.