So our 2008 XC90 V8 has been blowing ecu fuses. The first time it died in the driveway about a year ago, we had it towed to the dealership where they charged us $150 to change the fuse and sent us on our way. The second time was more recently, the car was driving a message appeared about a dstc failure and the engine died. We did some troubleshooting, battery good, put the key in dash lights come on but turn it to start and nothing happens. Towed it to the local indy shop they again replaced the fuse and then spent a couple hours trying to find the cause. They said they found a chaffed wire in the injector harness and repaired it. Problem hopefully solved. Well it happened again last week, car died, bring a fuse put it in and back running. After last week we got a few extra fuses. Today it happened again an hour from home. We popped in the new spare fuse and off we went for all of a half mile... This time we let the car cool down put in the new fuse and it seems to be working.

Also, maybe unrelated the A/C is a bit finnicky. some times it will stop and you restart the car and it is back.