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    Default 2005 volvo xc90 AWD Not working

    I've found an XC90 for sale. The owner claims the AWD may not work, which probably means it doesn't.

    What would be the likely culprits for this? How hard would it be to fix?

    Would you buy a car with this kind of problem for $2500?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanner_M View Post
    The owner claims the AWD may not work,How hard would it be to fix?
    First question - What engine does this 2005 have?

    The T-6 is known for the weak General Motors transmission. Mine was bad at 22k miles. I would not recommend purchasing any XC90 T-6 because of that. The 5 cylinder transmissions have problems also so research test methods if you don't want to throw away $2500 on a car with a bad transmission. The 5 cyl transmissions won't shift badly unless driven for over 1/2 hour sometimes, and if they start malfunctioning when hot a valve body might fix it. I would be reluctant to try a valve body on a car with over 150k miles.

    A common AWD failure is caused by the Haldex pump going bad and frying the Diff module. Xemodex sells a kit with usually everything you need, but it's expensive. Retail repairs are usually at least $1500.
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    Default XC90 AWD not working


    My XC90 2.5t has not had a working AWD for years, bought the filter and proper fluid, but hearing this service will not likely solve issue, I have not bothered, so curious if anyone solved the no AWD with just a service, or is it always the more expensive repair. How does one diagnose if it is haldex pump, or if module is fried. With Volvo it always seems to be most expensive issue to repair in my experience.

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    mine is out too and when its jacked up, i can turn the front wheel by hand and it wont reverse turn the back wheel.. read somewhere that there is a sacrficial mating piece btw the engine and transmission that gets stripped. so i just go FWD.

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