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    Default SOLD - 2005 XC70, many new parts, needs a couple things

    Started with this car and swapped the motor over due to an oil issue by previous owner. Motor came with the car and was from a salvage yard in the southern MA area and had 125K miles. Car itself has around 180K. I swapped the motor over and while it was out, I replaced:

    New Sachs struts, strut bearings and mounts
    Torque converter
    Transmission valve body kit
    New front rotors and pads
    New swaybar links
    New control arm bushings
    New inner and outer tie rods
    New ball joints
    New bellows for the steering rack
    Sub frame bushing inserts
    Top motor mount
    CV joint for the driveshaft to the rear
    New filter for the Haldex unit
    New waterpump, belt, tensioner
    New timing belt and tensioner
    Output seals replaced in the angle gear
    New battery
    Have new rear rotors that were not installed
    Parts ordered came from FCP and are OEM supplier parts, not aftermarket knockoff. I can dig around and produce receipts as proof of purchase and I've also included my project link.
    I'm sure there's more that I'm forgetting.

    So the car starts and runs fine. Transmission needs to be put into adaptive mode to relearn shift patterns. I have the VADIS module, but was unable to get the software ironed out since I'm not an IT guy and that right about the time that our need for the car changed and it started to sit around and then my son bought a new Audi.

    Asking $1400 for the car and I'm losing money, but it needs to go since there's little room and we are now at 5 cars with winter coming. The home owners association hasn't said anything, but it's only a matter of time....

    Car is located in Salem MA and I can be reached at dtmackey (at) gmail (dot) com

    I can upload pics over the weekend.

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