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    Default Steering Rack O-Rings?

    I have an '04 XC90 with the T6 All Wheel Drive. I'm replacing the Rack and Pinion on it, but after getting the new one out of the box and in the car, and returning the core, I realized I never had any replacement O-rings for the Pressure Lines.
    I looked everywhere. None to be found. Seems silly to me that they'd sell me a rack without the replacement O-rings, since running into this problem generally renders the o-rings useless. Anyway, No online Diagram shows them, no parts store can find them, and of course the dealership isn't allowed to tell me a word.
    Does anyone on here have inside knowledge on getting ahold of those finer detail parts? I like the car a lot, but It's getting pretty frustrating having no service manual or reliable parts info. Thanks!

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    Yes, The feed and return pipes where screwed into the rack have an oring at the end. They are listed in the Volvo Parts catalog as #988120 and 969092.

    For an accurate parts catalog you can find an illegal download of the factory parts/service procedures/diagnostic software VIDA 2014d (the last available on DVD) for free on the internet.

    Or it is sold with a cloned DICE unit (device that plugs into the obd port and your pc) to be able to scan your car (up through 2015 model year) for less than $100.

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