Iím replacing my dadís 2003 XC70ís rotors, pads, and shoes. Iíve been searching all over for the torque specs of the caliper bracket bolts, caliper pin bolts and so on to no avail. Some place said the bracket bolts are torque to yield like engine head bolts. I suspect someoneís trying to troll members and guests since TTY bolts on brakes is a first for me. My other cars (Toyota ones) have bolts that are reused for brakes that is. Unless Iím wrong and Volvo actually used TTY bolts for brakes. Preferably Volvoís service manual in PDF form. (Just sections for front and rear brakes.) If thereís a highly detailed and intelligent (see next paragraph for why I included intelligent) write up thread on this forum Iíll take that too.

I asked a group in Facebook the same brake question and a random guy said to tighten the bolts snug then whack a mallet on the wrench a few times and call it a day. I was like ďWut? Umm dude. How about no?Ē

The brakes on the left rear wheel is off since I need to order the little springs for the shoes anyway. Iíll put the old rotor back on there with caliper bolted on finger tight for now. Donít want the piston coming off or whatever.