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    I finally had an afternoon where I could hang out with my MY 05 XC 70 and poke around.
    To bring up to speed from my last reply, I checked my oil level about 20 days ago and discovered I had no oil in the pan. None.

    I've read plenty of the threads here regarding oil consumption, and I am aware of a history of consumption with my vehicle. Typically, about 5000 miles into the interval, I add a quart or so, and it'll last until the 7500 mile interval for scheduled change.

    This is my first service interval with Mobil 1 0W-40 though. I didn't think there would be a radical difference, but there clearly has been.
    I'm currently about 5000 miles into the oil change interval right now (changed the oil at 188000, currently at approx. 193000)
    So the idea of checking the oil was a good one. I thought yeah, about time for that. My discovery of the empty pan was a shock. I immediately added the last half quart of oil I had on the shelf from the last change, then bought a 5 quart jug of Mobil 1 0W-40.
    As it turned out, I needed 3.5 quarts to bring the oil level back up to appropriate level. When the engine is totally cold, it is near the top of the cross hatched area on the dipstick.
    So, the first thing I'm curious from you all is any ideas you have on why consumption has gone up so dramatically. I used to use a "High Mileage" synthetic blend 5W-30, and I had no brand loyalty. There is no noticeable leak, my vehicle does not leave an oil stain on the ground.

    Next, I did figure out where the Intake Cam Solenoid was (not that hard to figure out, sorry for being kinda obtuse there Astro) and I cleaned it out with Brake Cleaner and checked the oil screen in the gasket.
    However, removing that almost cardboard like gasket was difficult (it was stuck to the motor pretty well), and one side of it kinda collapsed. It's not broken exactly, but it's floppy if that makes any sense.
    The little screen in the middle of the gasket appeared unobstructed. So I'm afraid I compromised the integrity of my gasket only to discover that it was clean and didn't even need to be removed. Arrggh!
    Like I said, it is not broken. I imagine it is some kind of paper product on the inside, cardboard like. Then it has a green outer covering that is maybe plastic or vinyl. So the green covering of the gasket is undamaged, but the interior part has folded or broken. I put it back in place and bolted the solenoid back on, so the solenoid itself ought to be compressing the gasket back into form, but I'm afraid it's going to leak now. So I'll probably try to order another one of those some point here soon.
    Anyway, that's the full report if anyone is interested. I cleared the codes and will continue to observe whether the troublesome code returns, which I imagine it probably will.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DannyStringhamMarquis View Post

    So I'll probably try to order another one of those some point here soon.
    A new gasket is in the mail for delivery by Friday. I'd accept any other thoughts regarding the system, as I'll need to remove the intake solenoid again to replace the gasket

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