I leased this Volvo in October 2015, almost 3 years ago. Coming up on lease end in a few months. I cant tell you enough how much I love this car! Its fast for an SUV, super comfortable, the electronics are numerous and easy to use and I think its one of the best looking SUVs out there today. I get on the on ramp at a dead section of highway and floor it and the car easily gets to over 100 mph with the engine sounding fantastic. The car has the Amber leather interior which is stunning. Electronics for comfort and convenience are just over the top. Most impressive is that the car practically drives itself in stop and go traffic. No need to press down on the brake and accelerator over and over, the car does it for you with Pilot Assist, maintaining a safe distance from the car in front of you. Auto High beams, auto seat warmers and steering wheel in winter, auto sunshade are just a few amenities in this beautiful, well thought out vehicle. There is one downside and this may be bc its a brand new vehicle for Volvo, but the car has been in for service numerous times. It may also be bc there are so many features packed into this car. Its had rear brakes and rotors replaced at 27K, same for front discs. Problems fixed include rear camera, sunshade, modem, center display freezing, among others that I cant remember. Never any problems with the drivetrain, engine, transmission, etc. Volvo service has always been great. I hope the next owner is smart enough to pay for a good extended warranty. This car is a 39 month lease and since the warranty expires at 36 months I would like to turn it in early but I dont know if I can part with the car early.