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    Default How do I remove the propshaft on 2009 XC70?

    I'm deep into trying to get my fuel pump changed out on my 2009 XC70 and I've unbolted the rear subframe, undone the exhaust from its hangers but i can't get the rear propshaft disconnected. I've removed the six hex bolts from the rear, unbolted the center hanger and bearing and removed the six hex bolts from the front end. I've managed to pull the front portion of the propshaft away thinking it would relieve tension on the rear portion but no.
    The object of all this work is to drop the gas tank low enough for me to have room to change the fuel pump.
    Any help will be much appreciated

    6/21/18 UPDATE: I managed to get the propshaft at the rear broken loose by using a large masonry chisel and hammer (without damage). Long story short, I have successfully changed out my fuel pump and put everything back: gas tank, propshaft, exhaust and rear subrame just as the dealership would've done. Albeit, they would've charged me close to $2000 parts and labor. My Volvo estate car literally starts and runs like new again!
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