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    Anyone have the correct wheel alignment specs for the 1999 - just replaced the tires and the rear inside treads were pretty worn after 4 years - I'm not a car person but the guy at the alignment place sounded like he didnt like working on Volvos, so would like to have some specs on hand in case there's quibbling
    Have only found specs for 2001 and newer - would the 2001 ones work? Thought they changed the model in 2000 from a P80 wheelbase to a P2 which may or may not change things
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    Quote Originally Posted by anne33333 View Post
    rear inside treads were pretty worn after 4 years -
    And how many miles?

    Only toe in is adjustable on the rear (and the front).

    Inner edge wear is usually caused by camber of the tire. (and usually won't be fixed by adjusting the toe)

    Inner edge may have gotten worn when those tires were on the front due to worn front end parts, and was not noticed at the time

    Be careful you can spend a lot of money trying to make your $400 set of tires last 25% longer.

    IMHO (having owned a Volvo shop for 38 years) alignments are one of the most oversold service jobs. From the shops point of view it's great everyone has been taught they need them every x period of time, when in reality RARELY do, and it's mostly profit for the shop.
    Most shops make more money on the alignment than they do on a set of tires

    And if the guy at the alignment place is not interested in working on your car you really should find someone who is. A disinterested service person is not going to give you good service, because he does not want to touch your car to begin with. And you certainly don't want to "quibble" with any sort of service person - (if you want good service) - even the person making your fast food!

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