Hi to all! I own a 1999 petrol V70 2.4 170HP my2000. I put a lot of money in that car as it was my dream since I was a kid. I am not sure if this is the right place in the forum for my car but I will try my luck. I have a huge problem with my brakes...They donīt brake. The rotors are new (recently put), the pads are new (recently put), brake fluid is new (6 months old)and it was bleed several times with the same results. The callipers was rebuild six months ago. But they donīt brake, to be specific they are braking but spongy, and brake distance is not as it should be. When I am braking I must be able to feel the strenght and power from the moment I touch the brake pedal and it must be increasing when I brake more. That doesnīt happening. Several mechanics looked at the brakes and all agree that mechanically everything is ok. Brake booster is ok, vakuum is ok. One of them thinks the problem must be in the brake pedal position sensor, brake master cilinder or ABS head/pump. Does anyone has the same problem? How can I check brake pedal position sensor? The rezistance is ok. How can I check the master cilinder and servo drum? I am just mechanical newbie but I had some tools and I want to do something by myself if I can. Mechanics told me to by new brake pedal position sensor and master cilinder and then we will see. We will see what? I am not giving my money for something I am not sure itīs the cause. I feel like brakes are better on cold or rainy/moist weather but I am not 100% positive about that. What should I do, please help.

About AT, I have some problems but I think I will fix that with Gibbons flush, Lubeguard and Magnefine filter. I have a few things bothering me....Must I drain and refill before flush and why, or I can simply do the flush without that? What am I getting with drain and refill before flush? I did drain and refill a few months ago and when I wanted to continue flushing it appears that AT cooler return hose is not up but down. I watched a ton of YT videos on how to flush AT, and AT cooler return line was always upper hose, but my is down hose. Is that possible?? So...if I put fresh fluid through the dipstick tube in AT will it instantly go through upper hose to radiator and out on down hose or it will circulate in the tranny and push the old fluid out??

Thank You all!!