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Thread: 2001 volvo xc70

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    Unhappy 2001 volvo xc70

    We just got a volvo xc70. Talked to a Volvo mechanic, said car needs haldex replaced... going down the road it is whining very loudly, then there's a loud bang in the rear end. Once that happens it runs right... there is no Volvo mechanic around me, closest to us is over 300 miles away... Soooo, my question is: how do we find out if this car has a haldex or vc? My husband will study so he can change it, but we don't know which it is. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    A 2001 has a viscous coupling, the Electronic haldex was used 2003 and up.

    Most common failure is the angle gear, (oil leaks out/was never checked) and the front cv joint in the driveshaft fails also.

    If there is indeed an expensive problem in the AWD system (given the value of the car and the expense to repair AWD) I would recommend making it into a Front wheel drive car, by removing at minimum the driveshaft. (+angle gear + rear axles if needed)

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    You do NOT have a "Volvo" mechanic.
    A Volvo mechanic would have told you the truth!!

    Unless it's just a bad front propshaft bearing ($100 from Colorado Driveshaft and an hour or so labor) you may as well remove everything as hoonk said above. Spending 2K on a 2001 is not worth it.

    Please find a PROPER Volvo mechanic, he should be able to give you a proper diagnosis while listening to the noise on a lift.
    You should never own a post 2000 Volvo if there is no Volvo shop near you.
    You also did not do your homework as you bought a 2001, possibly the worst, most problematic Volvo ever built!.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it's the truth.
    Find a domestic or Japanese AWD vehicle that will be at least semi reliable and a vehicle that can be worked on by your husband and one where parts are reasonable!
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