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    Default Coolant smell in cabin?

    Greetings all,

    New to this forum and my used 2000 XC with 185K.

    When driving, there is an intermittent coolant smell with the heat on. I know this would normally point to a heater core issue, but there is no wetness on carpet that I can discern and no film on windshield. About every other day the low coolant light comes on and I add about 4oz of fluid.

    Any ideas from experience?

    Thanks in advance!


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    It's still probably your heater core JUST starting to leak at the fitting. All you need is a drop for the smell.
    Regardless... the system has a leak somewhere. It could be on the engine side of the firewall as an antifreeze smell is strong and it travels!
    Check your entire heating/cooling system now before it does leak all over your carpet
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