Hey everyone, after lots of reading I am assuming the result will be that my trans is fried and I'm in need of a new one. With that said I figured I should post since I haven't found any descriptions of transmission issues exactly like what I'm experiencing.

So I recently purchased an 03 XC70 with 193K miles on it for extremely cheap knowing that it needed some work and figured I could make a decently reliable winter / daily vehicle out of it. The test drive went well but I noticed that there was some shaking under acceleration but everything else seemed to check out decently.

Move ahead to know and there is the infamous service transmission message and yellow triangle warning light along with a CEL. I purchased a volvo specific scanner from fcpeuro as it seemed like an easier potentially more basic version of the VIDA software.

The scanner seems to work great and with scanning the TCM I have come up with the code TCM-002F for Lock-up function. Slipping or not engaged.

Now this is where the symptoms get weird, at least by my standards. So I had noticed that the car would go into limp mode giving a "-" instead of gear indicator on the dash and locking the trans in what seems like 3rd gear(lots of torque converter slippage from stop) but only when driving on the freeway at speeds above 50 mph. It will never do it driving around city with many times testing it. Then after some investigation I tried using the manual gear mode to select what gear I'm driving in and found that I can drive for miles and miles on the freeway keeping it in 4th gear with not a single issue at all. Then shift up into 5th and after about half a mile it will go into limp mode. With this finding I went into my scanner and cleared/reset all engine and tcm modules. After driving for a couple of days now with using the manual mode when going above 50mph and keeping it in 4th I have still not triggered a CEL or any codes on the TCM.

Any information is much appreciated, thanks guys!