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    Default 2015 XC Battery replacement

    2015.5 xc70 T6

    14k miles

    No issues at all. Came home, parked car. Came back 2 hours later, car is Bricked. (NO NOTHING) put meter on battery, 5 volts. Trickles charged over night, in morning 12.95. Car starts end of story

    My local guy replaces battery, - 290 bucks. Tell me the computer will shut down if voltage is below a threshold. Says this is comon for this year car - best i can hope for is 2.5 years.

    Will only take volvo battery, (made in Germany)
    is this possible

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    No warranty on the car?

    Don't know why the car would only take a Volvo battery. It should be able use any battery that meets the specs for the car.

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    In my part of the country Interstate provides batteries to the Volvo Dealer. They put Volvo stickers on blank Interstate batteries, and Interstate stickers when they sell them to me. For a 2010 and up you need to put in a mtp-92/t7 battery from interstate. ( or a 30772236 from Volvo) If you don't you may get a low voltage message. The interstate mtp-92/t7 battery is made in Germany.

    If you put a size 48 battery in (same dimensions and fits many earlier cars), you may get a low voltage message.

    When you replace the battery on some newer Volvos you also need to tell the car (with vida) that you have installed a new battery or you can get a low voltage warning. BMW has required that since about 2005, and other manufacturers also.
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