I am new to the forum from connecticut.

I just picked up a 1999 Volvo V70 XC with 194,000 miles on it. it has the 2.4 turbo with the 4 speed automatic.
timing belt components are up to date with water pump, PCV service done, new tires and brakes.
it is green with silver on the bottom and tan leather interior, there is no rust, rot or body damage.
the car rides really good with the exception of bad front strut mounts and wheel bearings.
it has a bad alternator which i will be replacing as soon as the reman gets here.
it also has a non functioning ABS control module, i will be fixing the bad solder and that should take care of it.
i am replacing both wheel bearings and strut assemblies in front, the rears are good.
these cars are pretty easy to work on and built really well.

one owner car for the whole 194,000 miles and it was always kept up with as far as maintenance.
the transmission fluid is darkish but not burnt and it shifts like new.
from what i read you never have to change the fluid on the 1999, it does not use dextron. i don't know if original owner ever did.