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    Default Not a Cross Country Drive, but a month in Central Asia

    Our Trip to Central Asia

    Part of the Silk Road Route

    Here are the Links to the Photobucket Slide Show pictures from our recent month long trip to Central Asia, during which we spent time in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan & Kyrgyzstan:

    There are NO words with the pictures and it is more than likely that Photobucket will NOT show them in their numbered order as they have been trying to get their ‘Slide Show’ act together for quite some time and have so far failed to achieve it.

    First stop was Almaty (Kazakhstan) for 2 nights…..

    Second stop was Shymkent (Kazakhstan) for 4 nights after an overnight Train Journey…..

    Next stop was Tashkent also by High Speed Train but this time in the daylight and over the Border into Uzbekistan……

    Fourth stop was Samarkand still in Uzbekistan, this again was by High Speed Train which ‘rocked’ on the rails as they are still the old ones and not built for High Speed Trains!

    Next stop Bukhara, which is also in Uzbekistan as we set off from Samarkand Station, again by Fast Train who once again ‘rocked’ on the rails but got up to 232Kmph!

    Then it was back to Tashkent from Bukhara and after the Travel Agent screwed up our Train Tickets for the return we ended up flying!

    The next leg was a long one which took nearly all day to complete as we flew from Bukhara to Almaty and then continued to Bishkek which is in Kyrgyzstan.
    We found out that we could have seriously reduced the travel time for this section if we had gone from Almaty firstly to Bishkek as it was something like 2 hours by Bus!

    Then finally it was back to Almaty and to see that the city center pedestrian area has almost been completed for the ‘mini brick’ laying and the fountains are now operating, while the Cathedral has been covered in green netting over the Wooden Scaffolding but the re-painting underneath the netting has already commenced!

    While hopefully the final picture in this section of the Slide Show of our trip to Central Asia shows what life is like for some people who are struggling to survive.

    We hope you enjoy them.

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