Not new to Volvos (am on my 9th), but new to XC with the purchase a few days ago of a 2006 XC90 V8.
It will soon be time to source winter wheels & tires. I was searching wheels fitment and found my XC90 V8 has a centre bore of 67.1mm. Considering wheels from my previous Volvos have a centre bore of 65.1mm, they simply wont fit. (yes, I tried!) To complicate things, newer models have a different centre bore of 63.4mm.
I haven't found any other Volvo model (or other brand even) that uses the combination of 5x108 bolt pattern and 67.1mm centre bore.
Anyone would know if I am stuck searching strictly for XC90 wheels or if another model used the same bolt pattern/centre bore combination?