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    Exclamation Selling our blue 1998 V70 XC for rock-bottom price of $600

    It's operating at "Maximum slip," Took the driveshaft out, car wouldn't move, put driveshaft back in. Car drives with slight noise AFTER car is in motion from passenger rear tire. (?) Have NOT yet done test of all 4 wheels off the ground on jackstands.

    I would ask SwedeSpeed for help but not enough time has yet gone by.. I WILL be back on. Doesn't matter.

    We are in Northern NJ.. $600.

    1998 Volvo V70 XC
    165k miles
    X/C or Cross Country model
    Turbo 2.4L Inline 5
    Cloth seats - still heated
    Kinda rough shape but definitely not the worst you've ever seen. Nice tints
    Hmmm... New starter a month ago, I still have the receipt somewhere if I can find it but that repair was done right in the parking lot. Car had the starter fail before that so, beams new starter by "Remy" (it says Remy right on it, the previous one did not)
    Trans fluid has been drained and filled twice so it shifts great
    Driveshaft will have been removed. Something seems to have happened with it, so that removal will happen as soon as I can see if I can get my Allen key far enough up there to get it out.

    The image shown is from when I sprayed the bolts with penetrating lubricant to help me get out the driveshaft. It drives, just need to take the driveshaft out to make it FRONT wheel drive, that's about all I can do to it, the trans is fine. Good condition, not perfect by any stretch but I say again.. THIS CAR RUNS, HAS ICE COLD AC (I made SURE of that, it's been hot!) just needs to get cleaned out, I'll do that too. Price reflects condition and won't go much lower...

    Parts we have in the box that have not yet been put on:
    Distributor Cap and Rotor (yes, 98s use a distributor.)
    Spark plug wires
    New spark plugs are in the glove compartment
    Interior clips for the rear hatch (trim piece)
    New gas cap
    ^^ all tune-up stuff.

    Serious buyers may get slightly less

    This car STARTS RUNS AND DRIVES - Most Volvos on here don't even do that.
    "Blown Head Gasket" - Nope! This engine doesn't have that. Could use an oil change, yeah, but if I get my 11 quart drain pan I'll do that before the buyer sees the car so the turbo stays nice and lunricated with new oil. I tend to put synthetic in turbos.
    "Won't start, tow it out, I don't know why" - Nope! Drive this one away, if you want. Clean title. And if I get that driveshaft out, it will be smooth, too. Been driving this car more regularly lately so I think the driveshaft said "No more." I checked with that's the issue. Should take about 30 minutes to get it out, so...

    E-mail back this ad, PLEASE put "Volvo" in the subject, only serious responders will be replied to.

    - Joseph

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    This can still be had.

    I also made a whole new forum. Come join it.

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