I have a 2005 xc 90 t6. Last year on freeway at 65 mph car loss all power. Towed to dealer said no codes . It started up and ran well. Now 7 months later it has very hard idle, lots of sputtering, and a noise from from driver side wheel?. All happened at once. The lights are flickering when it is sputtering. Had spark plugs and O2 sensors replaced. Now codes P0420 bank 1 P0442, EMS leak small,and P0027 Exhaust valve control solenoid circuit range/performance and another P0420 code. Would this be why my car is studdering? Should I be looking at catalytic converter to replace or maybe something more simple as TCM cleaned? New at this but determined.. I am recently widowed and have unfortunately found going to repair places very difficult. Ie paying too much for things and they are not repaired! Any help would be appreciated.