Hey everyone,

I'm currently considering picking up a 2000 V70 XC SE as a second vehicle for my commute to work. It has had literally everything from axles to the radiator replaced including a new transmission around 150,000, it's at 190,000. Everything works, it rides smooth, it's honestly an incredible ride as far as comfort and everything goes. The only issue with it is the angle gear makes a whirring noise when driving.

I've read tons of threads here on them, and I've considered everything from going FWD to rebuilding to finding a used one off a parts or junkyard car. But what I'm wondering is if I would be able to drive this car and just deal with the noise? Are there any other damages it could cause or will it just annoy? If I can I'd like to pick it up cheap and drive it while I wait for a parts car to pop up. I just don't want to risk further damage or anything. Also, would the whirring sound tell any of you what the issue with it is? Could it just be the sleeve is stripped from a new trans being put in?

Thanks for any insight and help.