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    What's the official name given by Volvo to the 6-spoke 15 in. wheels that came as standard equipment on 1998 and 1999 XC's ?

    Our 1998 XC, which we bought used 5 months ago, came with Meteor (or Comet perhaps as i've seen both names for wheels that are nearly identical) 16 in. wheels.  These were standard equipment on the V70R if i'm correct (model year ?).

    While we're at it, what's the name of the wheels that came as OEM equipment on 2000 XC models (mostly solid mags with small slots) ?
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    OK this is taxing my brain!  You can see all of the stock alloy wheels at

    1998-1999 came with 2 types of alloy wheels:

    The "Terra" was the full wheel as shown at
    And the "Naiad" was the more "spokey" one as shown also at
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    Hi Marc,

    XClogan is right, plenty of pre-2001 wheels to sort through, but thought that I would take a shot at it regardless.

    MY 98/99
    Naiad 6.5x15

    The wheels that came with your '98 XC were likely Meteors, the 16" version of the 17" Comets.

    I believe the alloys that came with the MY2000 XC were the 6.5x16" Pleiads.

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