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    Question I have the driveshaft halfway out!

    Blue V is a 1998 V70 XC

    OK, so. Today, I got up under there. (I have a nicely rounded off oil pan drain bolt as well. Seems there IS SOME room for a ratchet. Gotta get the nut-buster sockets on there. My long wrench won't grip because ROUNDED OFF.. okay.)

    I have:

    - 4 Allen bolts out of the front
    - the 4 bolts out of the middle "carrier" piece, actually 5, one was off to the side (and it is almost like it is hanging on the exhaust now. Is it attached?)
    - 1 Allen bolt on the rear (it is almost like those are stripped back there.)

    So, in short:

    1. The metal "Cradle" piece is kind of resting on the exhaust now. (If only there was a way to saw it in half.)
    2. Those Allen bolts in the back.. Stubborn!

    I have it sitting with the PB Blaster on it or P'Blaster (PB) or whatever they call it, the front 4.. were easy. I was NOT able to spin the driveshaft by hand. I have two ramps. I used them.

    JRL knows, but we need to see if he wants to continue being an a****** or if he will share his knowledge with The Tool Man.

    Anyone know how to COMPLETE THE JOB and get it out, using JUST the two ramps.. and tools!?

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    It sounds like you need to manually turn the propshaft 180' degrees to get at the other bolts. You need some jack stands and get all "4" wheels off the ground or disconnect propshaft from angle gear, then jack up rear end of car to rotate the driveshaft(propshaft) to get at those Hex Key bolts at the rear CV joint by torque tube on driveshaft. Good Wrenching.

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