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    Default Which valve body for 2002 XC?

    I need a valve body for my '02 V70 XC. I need to go the route of purchasing a new or rebuilt one plus core charge, having mine replaced, then returning my old one. Having mine pulled in order to get numbers off of it to order a new one while my car sits in my mechanic's garage is not really an option.

    I've been doing some research and searching several different sites showing different levels of specificity necessary to place an order. On FCP for my car it just lists one valve body without asking for any other details. A few of the dealer online web sites seem to all show the same thing, which is 3 automatic transmissions available for my specific year of car, and 3 valve bodies with each VB referencing 1 of the 3 transmissions.

    Other non-dealer sites require or reference very specific information about the existing VB (a letter stamped the VB casting or numbers from a plate) which can only be obtained by first removing the VB. Is there an assumption I can make about which VB I need, based on my make and model or perhaps the VIN number? In other words can I assume mine has an A casting for 2002 and not a blank casting for earlier (2001) and also not a B/C casting for a later than my year Volvo?
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    Both of mine were A castings...but I'm not certain that you can assume that for yours. A casting would be a good bet, but...
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