We made our first "decent" trip of about 900 Km.
The car isn't full option, in fact I started from the Momentum trim and added options to my liking
and to the depth of my wallet. But it allowed me to skip features I din't like or even didn't want
like tall wheels with low profile tires, fine but less durable leather, wood panels, passive entry.
The adaptive cruise control is a wondeful feature. I don't like cruise controls, but the adaptive
feature makes is really convenient.
Air suspension is great, it also keeps the car level when towing or with a fully loaded boot.
It's "only" a T5, but the engine has more than power enough for me, dynamic mode is even a bit
to aggressive. The fifth cylinder isn't missed much. This is my first car with an automatic gearbox
and it works well, although I miss the engine brake of a manual transmission.
Sensus is something to get used to. The interior is nice and silent, the standard audio isn't awesome
but is good. Navigation works well enough. There are a lot of features that haven't been tried yet
such as Pilot Assist. We did enable Lane Keeping Assist. It's strange at first to feel the steering wheel
vibrating or even scaring when it is steering the car, but if you know what is going on it is a nice feature.