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    Hi all,
    I'm just looking for some knowledge from others who know more than I. I'm looking to purchase a 2006 with the V8 and 126K miles. Looking this weekend actually. Any concerns I should have? Specific questions? Concerns about the transmission? I've never owned a Volvo. I have owned Audi, Volkswagon, Subaru, and Isuzu. Thanks in advance for any light you could throw on the subject.

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    The V8 model is pretty bulletproof. The T6 is the one to avoid - transmission problems. If possible, try to get maintenance records. If none are available, a CarFax report could show a good bit. The V8 has timing chains, not a belt, so it's not something to worry about replacing.

    I had an '04 2.5 AWD, and it was a very good vehicle. I'm possibly picking up an '06 V8 within the next couple of weeks, so I'm back around here for now. During my time here a few years ago, the V8 was highly regarded, so I'm really hoping everything falls into place for the one I'm possibly getting.

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