I have a recently purchased 2007 volvo xc 90 giving the same CEL and P2402 code. Replaced the seal on the gas cap, but CEL and code have persisted. I am looking at replacing the leak detection pump on my own, but would like some advice from those who have completed the repair. I am specifically wondering about remove/reinstall of the wheel well liner (driver rear wheel) and whether new fender molding clips (9) are required. It sounds like there is a heat shield that must also be removed and required new rivets? Third, do you need to remove the rear portion of the exhaust system. I have no idea whether the software upgrade has been completed, but I am tending to replace the LDP on its symptoms. Car driving habits are normal. Ideas, photos, diagrams, directions and advice appreciated. Cheers.

2007 Volvo XC 90 3.2L AWD