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    Default XC70 buying advice

    Hi guys,
    I'm new to VOLVO so apologies if I'm duplicating a post also aplogies if I'm too forward but I'm going to pick a new car up tomorrow and need some help.
    I just put a deposit on a 2012 XC70 D5 Lux with 59k miles(£15k).
    The car looked great, it was part exchanged at a VW dealership but had to pass to their security check before selling it to me.
    I've noticed an oil leak at the front of the engine, right under the plastic cover from a hose that links in to another plastic hose..I'm not very good at describing this so I'm attaching a photo. Is this something serious? should I ask them to fix it or just look somewhere else?

    It also seems to have a detachable tow bar even though the dealer said that he does not think that the vehicle has been used for towing, should I be worried about the rear suspension or the auto gearbox?

    Also is there anything else I should be looking out for?
    The car is from Inchcape VW and comes with 18 mounths inchcape warranty, but I would rather save myself the trouble.
    Thank you
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    Hi Paul1983,

    Sorry, I cannot enlarge your attachment to see the pipe you are referring to, but having said that it might be an oil fumes breather pipe that feeds the fumes from the crankcase back into the air intake for the engine.

    On the question of the detachable towbar I have one fitted and while around 90% of the current mileage has been carried out hauling a caravan around to different places then although I also have a Manual Transmission I have not had any problems, and would not expect any from the power that can be provided by the engine.

    While you have an Autobox then again I would not expect to see or feel any problems even if the car has been used for towing.

    I think it might help if you can establish if it was an ex company car, or if the seller would let you contact the previous owner to ask a couple of questions.

    Must admit though I was a bit puzzled in looking at your picture to find that the engine had been removed from the body!

    In terms of what to look out for.........

    I did have a problem when the 4x4 went slightly out of alignment and wore out a couple of tyres prematurely, but that was sorted by a realignment at the dealer, with no more problems since.

    Hope that helps, and if you can get a bigger picture or stick one on Photobucket and then put the link in a reply, we should be able to take a closer look at that leak.

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