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I hope... it absolutely acts like a faulty fuel pump but I started to think maybe it's something else which causes this.
Sorry, I don't mean to beat a dead horse but as I said previously - especially now that 2 fuel pumps have been put in and the problem clearly has not been fixed -

"You might want to have him put your old fuel pump back in, refund your money and have the car towed to someone that could diagnose the problem without spending ~$930 first to replace a part that was not bad (maybe paying an hour for his diagnostic time would be fair - you just want a second opinion )

If the car stays where it is - you will be out that $930 that did not fix the problem.

You should at least get your old fuel pump back so the next shop can put it back in and find the real problem. Then give the new one back to the first shop and ask for a refund."