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    Default Tire pressure reset on 2010 XC70???

    My low pressure tire indicator won't go off on my 2010 xc70, despite pressure all OK. I've seen directions to reset the alert light on other XC cars, but don't know if the same feature is available on a 2010 XC70. Does anyone know if this is possible, or is this just a feature of newer Volvos?

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    99% of the time the light wont go off because the tire pressure is low. (consumer gauges don't seem to be accurate) Calibrate your gauge with a known accurate one. (My end of air hose expensive shop gauge and the one on my tire machine indicate 3 PSI too high, compared to a new digital one from Snap-on.)

    If pressures are correct you could have a damaged or bad sensor. Was one damaged recently during a tire dismount? Unfortunately a Volvo sensor is about $90

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