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    Unhappy Detaching Heater Core Pipes/Hoses from the Firewall Junction

    Hey guys,

    Anyone have some tips on how to detach the heater core pipes from the hoses at the firewall junction?

    We've watched the videos countless times, analyzed every which way til Sunday, and the things still refuse to release.

    Technique seems to be a push in on the rings at or just behind the raised triangular edge, hold hose in place and twist counter clockwise, but they just refuse to budge. We're almost at the point of taking the "wreck and replace" path, but wanted to see if anyone here had some extra insight or encouragement!

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    Try to open expansion tank, it may become easier. Otherwise, you described it right. Pull harder
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    When I was playing around with my heater core, I don't remember having any trouble detaching the hoses from the firewall. The connections were about in the same condition as yours appear to be (good). Push the hose as far into the firewall as it will go with your left hand, twist the cuff on the connector counterclockwise with your right hand to unlock, and the hose should then hopefully pull off. In my case, I didn't have to use much force. In fact, removing and reattaching the heater hoses was probly the most pleasant part of the job for me!

    Have you seen the first picture of this tutorial?:
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