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    Default 2005 Volvo xc70 flip key switch

    Hello, I need help. Yesterday my car broke down. I got it towed to my house & when the tow truck driver got back he said the flip key switch broke. The key is still in one piece but I can't find all the pieces to put it back in the box. I try to turn my car over & it will not start. I know I need mechanical work done but if i try to use the key without it being in the box will that also prevent it from starting?

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    On your flip key/remote the key portion and the remote are held together with a screw visible after you remove the battery cover. (you can purchase either the key or the remote by itself) There is a chip in the end of the key portion that has to be close to the antenna ring around the ignition tumbler. If the metal part of the key is broken from the plastic - and the metal part is all you are using to try to start the car - the immobilizer will prevent the car from starting if the chip in the plastic part is not near the tumbler.

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