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    Default 2006 XC90 2.5T Engine running rough...Low Idle and Check Engine light

    Good Afternoon
    I have been having issues with my 2006 XC90 2.5T. I took it out and all of a sudden it started to run extremely rough. There is not much power like as if it was running normal. Acceleration is not that great. After a couple of miles I turned around to get it in the driveway before any more damage could be done. Before I reached the house the CEL came on and I just parked it. I have an OBD II Autoscanner but it cannot link. Because its Foreign? So I tried trouble shooting it myself. I first thought it is misfiring so I checked the plugs and coils. The plugs looked original. (123000 miles) so I replaced those and two of the coils on cylinder 2 and 3 looked a little brown at the end of the boot so I just replaced those too. checked the fuel injectors with the screwdriver test to make sure they are spraying and it seemed that all were releasing gas or at least working. Not sure if they were all gunked up. So I did and oil changed with full synthetic and put fuel injector cleaner in the tank. I disconnected the battery to reset the computer and restarted the car. The engine is still running rough. not as bad but bad enough that its not drivable. It idles well below 1000 rpm and the exhaust sounds like a glug glug sound when it idles. I am at a complete loss. No idea from here. I might take it to an autozone to get it scanned but I nervous to drive it. Any Ideas???

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    If you haven't solved this already, I'd pull the codes if you can. It's likely to be either or a combination of a dirty or bad MAF sensor and/or a dirty ETM/throttle body. You can easily disconnect the MAF sensor and clean it with MAF sensor cleaner. The ETM is hard to reach - I would suggest you take it to your local indy and have them clean it and replace the gasket when they put it back on. Replace your engine air filter as well if it's been more than 35K mile since your last change. If none of that works you may have a hole in the air engine supply system somewhere, but your indy should be able to confirm that as well.

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