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    Default Considering 2012 XC70 AWD D5 Auto

    Hi guys, I'm new here, though already a long time fan of Volvo's. Finally time has come where I can consider buying a XC70. Where I'm from, Latvia, there are not many XC70's with my desired specs available though it might be I'm not all too well informed about what to look out for and what to check.

    So what Im'primarily after is a AWD D5 AT 2011+ (with the new panel design that was introduced at the end of 2011). Of course with all the possible extras. BLIS, Adaptive Cruise, and all the rest.

    Now what I have no idea about is what to look for in a used car. What to consider, what can be the weak points, etc.

    So I'd appreciate all the help I can get from you guys.

    Tnx in advance!

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    Hi ReinX!

    Firstly welcome to the Forum!

    I think in answer to your question while there are certain things that come as 'standard' on the XC70 then there are other items that are extra but as you are considering a used XC70 then it will depend on what is on offer and what it has installed, while you also need to define what you want.

    I find the BLIS feature good, as I do the Cruise Control, along with our Vented Leather Seats in the front.
    A good sound system is also nice especially for long trips when you can play your own music of your choice

    I find the Navigation system a complete waste of money due to the very high cost of map updates and the fact that the system is fixed in place but sadly I had no choice and could not drop the choice of having it.

    Having mentioned those few points I think it would be worthwhile to get a copy of the specification for a totally loaded car with all the features and add on's and then see what you would like and then try matching it to examples of what is around for sale.

    The only 'problem' is that unless you are looking to buy from a Volvo Dealer then the seller might not know what the car has got fitted!

    Mileage with the D5 motor does not appear to be a 'problem' as there are a lot of guys whose motors keep running and running with no major problems, providing the service intervals are adhered to.

    Good luck!

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    Hello ReinX,

    At least in Latvia you can purchase a diesel. In the US we do not have that option. If you can purchase a Volvo from and individual you will most likely be able to save some money. In the states dealers can add thousands on to the price of a used vehicle over what individuals sell them for. Since you have decided on a 2012 XC70 AWD, decide on what equipment you want and how many miles on it you are willing to live with. In the states it would not be uncommon for a 2012 to have anywhere from 40,000 miles to 100,000 miles. Then start shopping. I shopped for three months for my present 2013 XC70. When you find one you may like, check out its history-we have Carfax in the US. Also check on line to find out its value, like Kelly Blue Book here in the states. Knowing what the value is gives you and edge in negotiating. When you find one that meets your requirements, if it is available, look at the service history and take it to a mechanic and have it checked over and plugged into an OBDII to look for any code history, etc. Volvos are like any other vehicle, as they age things wear out, so the older it is the more likely are things to fail! Like most other vehicles on the road, Volvos weak area is the electrics because everything is tied to some type of electronic control unit! The battery life is something many XC70 owners talk about. I needed to replace mine when it was less than three years old. I am a life long Volvo owner (since 1967) and they are pricey to own if one has to go to a Volvo dealer for service - I do all my own service. My present XC70 has needed only maintenance service so far (70,000) but it has little issues, like noisy suspension, and an echo sometimes in the FM radio. The remote/key is about $400 to replace, so be sure to get the two that come with the Volvo when new! The XC70 is a great road car. Of all the Volvos I have owned, this one has the best ride. That said, I would not have this Volvo except for the fact that my wife loves it. Personally I am not enamored with Volvo anymore; I rather have a 2016 Toyota Prius to get the high MPG. Good luck in your search.

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