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    Default 2004 XC70 Brake and ABS light on, fuel comsumption went galore!!!

    Had all brake and ABS light on.
    As soon as light comes on, cruise control shuts off, engine RPM increases from 1.6 to 2.5 sometimes 3, and fuel consumption just goes crazy, sure cause the rpm increasing.
    I feel like it's braking itself and hesitating.

    Replaced ABS position sensor on the booster, nothing happened, same problem.
    Tried to install small plastic between ABS module and the connector, worked for a week and same problem again!!!
    Should I try to replace ABS control module itself?
    If I replace the ABS control module, do I need to clear codes and do something with the computer?
    Please advise.

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    Do you have codes (from Vida)? I'd repost this in the XC70 subforum.

    2005 XC70 - 50/35 Tint, Yakima Rack

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