I have a 2016 T5 XC70, less than 1,000 miles. I'm experiencing what feels like the shudder associated with engine lugging.

I didn't notice it during the test drive, but then I was testing pick-up more than anything (because I was initially looking for a T6), so it may not have been a good test drive. I can reproduce it by going ~30-35mph, coasting @ rpm below 1500, then slowly accelerating. It shudders for a couple of seconds then goes away as the rpm increases. Much like being in 5th gear in a manual car when it should be in 3rd (or, 4th instead of 2nd... you get the picture). I don't remember having it the first week or so, and now it's always there at the right condition. It could be that, now that I found the condition, I can't let it go.

I took it to the dealer and the foreman that came with me for a road test did confirm that the transmission seems to be in too high a gear, to save fuel, and that there is nothing that can be done about it. I've dealt with me before and I see him as an honest, good man so I don't think he's just pulling one of me. I feel it in all 'modes' - elegance/eco/performance. If I manually shift, the shudder obviously goes away since I'm letting it rev up much higher than the automatic shift.

If you have a T5, have you noticed such shudder? Is/should this be normal? What would you do? (The dealer is after me for scoring 'excellent' ratings in survey because they got the hint that the I wasn't totally happy with the purchase experience, but that's probably another topoic.)

Btw, how does a car 'learn' the driving style? Would a change in driving style (more aggressive) change the behavior?