Hi guys, first time here . . .

I have a 2008 XC70 3.2, approaching 150,000 miles.
I'm using a new dealer shop for maintenance, and it's been recommended that I replace the DRIVE BELT, TENSIONER, IDLER and CLUTCH because "drive belt clutch and pulley are locked" . . . The dealer's estimate for this repair is $1830.00

To learn more about this suggested repair, I've tried to research other threads but I cannot find any mention of the DRIVE BELT.
I see plenty of discussion for SERPENTINE BELT and AUXILIARY DRIVE BELT but nothing on just DRIVE BELT.
This car uses the timing CHAIN rather than timing belt, and this estimate is much higher than the timing belt replacements I did on my 2 previous Volvos.

Is anyone here familiar with this repair? Maybe it's one of the engine's other belts and just being referred to as the DRIVE belt?
And can anyone give insight on whether this estimate is high, or just the going rate for this maintenance?
It seems to me that it must be labor heavy because the belts and parts typically run no more than a few hundred or so on FCP and other markets.

Thanks in advance for any comments.