The symptoms started with a bearing like noise during the coldest day last winter. I was lucky to find an original Volvo water pump (FoMoCo) and serpentine belt, but the noise disappeared until a few days ago. The wife noticed our 2008 hard to steer and jerking in the steering wheel. I noticed a slight amount of fluid on the splash pan, plus the power steering level was below minimum.

After removing the splash pan, immediately I noticed the steel line that drops from the steering pump, running parallel to the oil pan, was rusted at the 90 degree bend. I live in Southern Ontario "rust belt", so figure being exposed to winter salt, brought on the leak. Fortunately there seems to be no serious damage to the power steering pump after I did a flush and replaced it with European Prestone synthetic fluid.

It appears the steering hose is on the high pressure side, so a temporary fix may not be practical. I have sourced replacement hoses, part number 31329911 and will likely attempt the repair myself, with the help of my hoist.

I planned to replace the serpentine belt ~120,000 km and since I have the water pump and found a replacement steering pump, wonder if this is prudent while I'm replacing the hose to replace the steering pump, that drives the water pump? Has anyone had a similar experience with the rusting high pressure hose and is there a reliable quick fix?

As a word of caution, pay attention to the fluid reservoir level and inspect your bottom hoses when you next do an oil change.