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    Default Is the XC70 going to die in favor of the xc60 and xc90?

    Want to throw this out there and see how people. We're a two generation first V70 then XC70, but having had our current xc70 for 13 years and with kids fleeing the nest, I'm tempted to let the kids take our older cars with them, and get something newer. I replaced my non Volvo DD with another non volvo DD earlier this year. Next up its her 2003 xc70 probably going next year.

    Has Volvo said anything about culling the xc70 from their line up? Wife is quietly impressed with my downsizing, we have driven a rental xc60 for 1500 miles and it won me over with the active safety systems it had on board. But I didn't see it as the right choice. She loves her xc70. If Volvo is going to kill off the xc70, I'd rather move sooner than wait until next year and lose the chance to get her new wheels.
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    it looks to me like the V90CC is going to be the replacement for the XC70 - An actual wagon (V90) with increasesed ride height and a bit of additional cladding
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    2018 Volvo XC60 vs. 2018 Volvo XC90: Worth the Upgrade? | U.S. ...

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