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    Default 2009 XC70 T6, lazy / slow start, with audio!

    All, this is hardly the first time we've had problems with our 2009 XC70 T6. It's spent 64 days in the shop during it's warranty period (29 during the first year, just missing the lemon law by one day in our state). We bought it new from the dealer with 3 miles on it. The only engine/mechanical problem we've had is an oil induction hose that was leaking and replaced in the warranty period. All of the other warranty problems have been "convenience" problems.

    For about two months now, in the morning, it has a slow start. It'll crank right away with the same amount of power as always, but take about 4-5 seconds to catch and start. During the warranty period, we had this happen, and brought it to the dealer, it stayed overnight, and they had no problem with it starting. No problem found, bring it back if it happens again. It never happened again.

    Now it is having the problem...every morning...every day...out of warranty.

    I made an audio clip and saved to my google drive. Here's the link:

    One morning, it didn't catch the first time during this process, and the second push of the start button it started right away, but ran really rough for about 30 seconds, like sputtering. It has always started within 4-5 seconds of a single ignition button push.

    It did have a 600CCA battery installed, and didn't help this lazy start problem.

    When started again on the same day, it has no problem. Sitting overnight for about 14 hours is when it has the problem in the morning. We're about 20%-50% RH during the year, and at 6034ft in altitude if that helps at all. Ambient temperature is about 65-70 at night, and is a garaged car.

    I've read other postings with somewhat similar problems, regarding the fuel pump relay might have issues, the fuel pressure sensor might have issues, the fuel pump / regulator might have issues, or simply the plugs need to be replaced. Any clues if I should start with these (in ascending cost order), or a different warpath?

    Thanks for reading (and listening).

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    Sigh. Mine does it too, though oddly it will occasionally start right up. It will also occasionally require two button pushes. The rest of the starts during the day are always fine. I have no warranty, and the [sketchy and annoying] dealer must've always started in the morning when I was looking at it used. I took it to my local dealer (different from the one I bought it from) and of course they said they couldn't replicate the problem.

    They did say that there was a TSB for the fuel return valve (what keeps pressure at the rail when the car is turned off). After some looking, I think I determined that it is TJ27217, but I haven't bought it. Unfortunately, the valve in the P3s is integral to the fuel pump assembly, which is in the tank. Aaaand in Ford's infinite wisdom, there is no access to the tank through the car (like there has been from at least '75-'07) so it has to come down to replace. That means that we're looking at around $1200 for that particular problem.

    I don't know about the other possibilities that you mentioned, so I'll be following this closely. So far I've just lived with it, 'cause I don't want to dig up $1200 just because the dealer says "it'll probably fix it." This is my other thread about it:

    And fwiw, since I've had it, this car's been at 65-90% RH and 0-1200ft with overnight temps between 40 and 70, so I think we've covered the environmental possibilities in the US summer....

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    Did you make any progress with this? I wrote a long response to it right away, as I'm having the same symptoms, but it didn't get "approved my moderators" for some reason....

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