I searched the threads here and only found one discussion on tires from a couple of years ago where a Continental tire was praised.
It is time to replace the tires on my 2012 XC70 T6. I bought it used with Kumho tires and I have never really liked them.
What reviews or impressions have any of you had on replacement tires.
I am looking for something all-season oriented, and of course, want a great mix of dry and wet traction and a smooth quiet ride.
I have looked online at several Pirellis, Yokohama YK580, a couple of Continentals, and others.
Also, H speed rating compared to V (or higher) speed rating. I do like what amount of turn in sharpness the car has with V speed rated tires now, and I know the first notable thing with an H rated tire will be the sidewall stiffness - what have any of you found with that if you can compare?