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    Had this issue on my own 2001 v70. Here's what happened. Wear products block the ATF filter, starving the pump in the transmission. Without ATF pressure, an automatic transmission won't do anything. It's an inherently hydraulic machine. After some rest and cooldown, the material will fall off the screen and the pump can produce sufficient pressure. For awhile. Then it clogs again.

    Unfortunately, the only fix is replacing the filter. Great news, it's a $14 part! Bad news, it clogged for a reason. Some friction material is shot or a steel pressure plate is broken or a bushing is out of round. Something, somewhere else is wrong. Worse news, all of this repair requires the trans to come out of the car.

    I did this myself a few months ago. It's a good two days of work to get the trans out and in. Working on weeknights, I disassembled and reassembled the trans in a few weeks. The "broken things" in mine were a spun bushing on a planetary and a cracked pressure plate on one clutch pack. Parts were about $50, but I was without the car for about a month and spent dozens of hours on it.

    I'm not trying to be a black cloud here, I'm telling you my experience with a car exhibiting identical symptoms.

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    What is your fluid level?

    Checked with transmission hot (20 minutes minimum drive time), engine idling in park, car on dead-level ground.

    Before pouring a bunch of snake oil into it, and before considering valve body surgery, or a transmission rebuild let's be certain that the basics are sound...
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    That is what I figured it would be. Thank you for the response and thank you to everyone who has responded to my post. What a great community you guys have established. It makes me proud to be a Volvo owner. I have been away for a little bit but I will get to working on the v70xc soon. I will keep everyone in the loop and let you guys know what I find. Thank you guys again!

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